Bitcoin – Reach $6000. Check!

Bitcoin breaks yet another record!

Today, October 20th, 2017 is the day we will all know when the first cryptocurrency hit $6000.78 in price against the US Dollar.

As per the chart attached above, at 15:40-15:450 above 1 BTC opened at it’s highest $6003.81, with a Market Cap of $99.36 Billion.

Experts say that most of the trading volume of the cryptocurrency was mainly influenced by Japan. Having 59% of all trades processed in Japanese Yen. Bitcoin hit its record after shortly falling from 8.7% on Wednesday due to regulations from the United States.

This takes place even though the media and society were discussing on the remarks and comments made by JP Morgan & Chase Co.’s and Black Rock’s CEOs Jamie Dimon and Larry Fink all of September.