Buy DASH coin

Perhaps you have wondered how to buy the currency of the dash, which way is easier and faster. Where to store purchased coins. Let’s look at how to buy dash currency, and how to do it.

Where to buy dash coin?

Buying any cryptocurrency, including dash, are actually much more complicated than it seems at first glance. Especially careful should be the beginners.

most of users trying to buy the dash for Fiat money, was faced with formidable difficulties. But, over time, more and more new ways to buy dash for Fiat money. Consider some of them in more detail.

Buy Dash using Bank transfer

The service BitPanda we can purchase Dash using debit card payment system Skrill and payments in SEPA and SOFORT. All transactions on the service BitPanda require verification. But it is only available for Europe.

Exchange Kraken gives the option to Fund the account with euros or US dollars Bank transfers and then buy coins Dash.

AnyCoinDirect, the biggest exchange in Europe, allows you to easily buy bitcoin through SEPA, and then buy dash cryptocurrency. But to implement this action is possible only in the European territory. Here is a little Commission, and transferred the currency to the account for a couple of days.

Buy dash in exchange

Purchase dash can be in the exchanger. To make a purchase sufficient to make a transfer of your existing currency to the account of the online exchange. The address that you specify, the exchanger will receive the necessary amount of cryptocurrency.

On the territory of our country are often used exchangers:,, — who have long earned high level of reputation and lots of positive reviews.

Exchangers often work with banks VTB 24, Sberbank, AlfaBank, cards of Mastercard and Visa, e-money QIWI and Yandex, and other.

  1. Wallet.

Where is the dash store? The wallet holds the private keys necessary to access the address, with which you can spend your money. No wallet lost the meaning and logic of the transaction. For larger amounts you must use a hardware wallet if you have a desire to just try it, you will be able to do the application for your computer or smartphone.

  • DASH wallets for your computer. The most common method of storage and use DASH purse. But as it can support important functions, it is not suitable for every user. If you need full functionality, then choose the Dash Core.
  • For long and safe storage, use hardware wallet, their producers — company the best wallet, KeepKey and Ledger.
  • In the mobile. Such electronic wallets for Android and IOS, and the most recognized choice for both software is the app Jaxx.
  1. Acquisition of coins

Those who have bitcoins, they can hold their exchange on the DASH on one of the crypto-currency exchanges. Anyone who has had to deal with coins knows how hard it was previously to buy bitcoins. But don’t worry, there are already methods for the acquisition of coins for cash.

Digital coin are bought, sold, exchanged. The essence of the transaction is that one crypto-currency you give, and get another coin. Selecting a specific web platform for private transactions, don’t forget to check the reputation.

Purchase DASH for cash — ATM.

Where are the ATM can be found through the resource CoinATMRadar.

  • Here are high, but this is one of the simplest methods. Unfortunately very few ATMs that work with the DASH.
  • WallofCoins. The user can buy dash coin at wholesale cost, putting the cash in a local Bank one of the many countries. To get after the confirmation of the cash Deposit will be required only fifteen minutes. If you want to avoid the intermediate purchase bitcoins and to acquire DASH directly, need to pay 1% Commission.
  1. Move the DASH in the purse.

When the process of acquiring DASH is complete, don’t forget to move the bitcoin to your personal wallet. In any case, do not leave tokens on the exchange, so no one will steal.