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Dash is a crypto-currency with a market capitalization of more than two billion. Latest dash coin news saying that crypto-currency launches “Lab blockchain research.” Companion of the company in this initiative will be the University of Arizona. The main directions of the laboratory will be the scale, the centralization of mining, the reliability of the blockchain and the use of energy savings and production upon receipt of the crypto-currency.

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Commissioning of the laboratory was funded by the payment system Dash for the sum of fifty thousand dollars. Decentralized currency used exceptionally in the distribution of income. 45% of the profit from making moves dash miners as encouraging: 45 % of salaries “masternode” and 10% – in particular decentralized budget system. Today on the a dash crypto-currency news Treasury electronic currency for the year is twenty-three million dollars. Executive head Dash Ryan Taylor says that they focus on the primacy of the market and acquiring world fame. Such a technological model able to provide compelling network bandwidth for activities on the worldwide market and provides for a high income users in a long period.

Editor in chief of dash power news Joel Wall recently gave an interview to the edition special. On the question of why dramatically increased the exchange rate, he said he was expecting it. Since dash is a reliable partner with the opt team of experts, the permanent dell a future of growth and cheap commissions on transactions. Bonnie islets lab may not be poor for the prices. The growth rate of Bitcoin is written with Bonnie in cash, some of the biggest bitcoin date switched back. Probably part of their catalogue they are the hotel variety with the help of DASH.

At that crypto-currency may have a financial bubble or the beginning of a long-term bull market, the wall made an ambiguous statement. Price verse because of the different ideas for the future that will partially come true or not come true – in this case, it will bubble. But the increase in ratings of long-term provision, as an increasing number of investors are aware of dozens of digital currencies.

DASH coin news today

Simple and cheap boards system in the eyes of users, looks of interest, especially when there are MO concurrent as Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and taste. LH is not the primary TE discussions at the technical conferences that prefer bright innovative solutions. And yet, as expressed by the chief editor: “From taper growth rate, a dash coin news today, we can conclude that dash will be one of the first boards of world systems, that is, the crypto-currency, the main purpose of existence which will be not to experiment, and in the life of the economy every day. “A budget of twenty-three million dollars makes the dash very mocha and strong. It allows the system to Mat a large number of expensive stat experts and the fact that most of the sponsors of the events.

The main advantages of crypto-currencies since the Foundation was considered the confidentiality and speed of transaction. The impressive growth of bitcoin over the last month have raised optimism in investor sentiment. The growth in the demand for money has extended to alt-coins. Coin for the month rose in price three times. The greatest activity in the trade of DASH showed a South Korean exchange HitBTC, Binance, Bithumb and Bitfinex, which accounted for more than half of the daily turnover of the crypto-currency. One of the reasons for the rise of crypto-currency is the conclusion of a cooperation agreement with the platform Kuva Cash to overcome hyperinflation in Zimbabwe.