Litecoin Price Prediction 2018

More and more financial analysts believe that cryptocurrency has a very real chance of becoming the only currency in the future. Some of those who now successfully earn with it, agree with them. For several years, the leader in the list of cryptocurrencies has been bitcoin, although at the moment, there are several hundred other cryptocurrencies. Which of them will be most in demand in a year or even later?

Many people rely on litecoin. This is like bitcoin, created by the same principles as its prototype. LTC appeared in 2012, and by the end of 2017, it had become one of the leaders on the list of crypto-currencies and entered the top five in terms of capitalization. However, it is difficult to call litecoin stable. Therefore, both the miners and traders have questions about litecoin future price.

Litecoin in 2018

It has been 6 years , since LTC’s appearance on the market. In this time, it has both crashed and skyrocketed. In this crypto, really, there were some ascents, as well as sharp drops, but it is still maintaining at the top. For example, at the end of 2013, the price for litecoin increased by almost 5 times, and after the lift – just for a year, the LTC rate decreased by 16 times.

After a long time, the course of the litecoin was sustained at one level, but in April 2017, it stopped growing. From this plateau, it is forecasted to go up, and analysts, afterwards, advocated the perspectives of this crypt.

Yes, of course, to many of its counterparts, litecoin seems very far behind. But the potential exists, since its capitalization is already more than 5 billion. This is one of the most active cryptos on the market, with a lighter cushion for many large miners. From this, it is possible to make the conclusion that the future of litecoin will open up many beneficial perspectives for its users.

Financial experts suggest 5 basic crypto-currencies which have the biggest probability of strengthening in 2018. On this list, litecoin takes 3rd place. What factors allow such conclusions to be drawn?

  • Extraction of this crypto currency is theoretically available to individual miners, and not only to owners of large mines (in contrast to the situation with bitcoin).
  • The process of searching for a block takes less time, which makes the process of mining faster (though not simpler).
  • Despite the fact that the crypto currency has a limited emission, even ⅔ of all LTCs are generated. And this cannot fail to affect the course of the crypto (it should grow with the number of generated blocks).

Now, add to this the fact that the litecoin course is not as stable as many would like, but still tends to go up. And in the end, you will get one of the most promising cryptocurrencies, at least for 2018.

The approximate litecoin price prediction 2018 looks like this: from $ 400-500 in the first half of the year (with a recession at the end of winter to about $ 300) to $ 800 by summer. By the boldest assumptions, at the end of 2018 the cost of 1 LTC will reach $ 1000.

Long term forecast

If some financial analysts decide to do a litecoin prediction 2018, they are already very cautiously talking about long-term prospects. Although, most still agree on the fact that the upward trend will continue. Moreover, it is possible that there will be one or more sharp leaps in the LTC rate.

For example, there is an opinion that at one time the sharp increase in the rate of LTC was caused not by its activation with the help of SegWit, but by the refusal of the largest gaming portal to use bitcoin services. And who knows how many more such situations like this can happen. If in some segment of the market, for some reason they refuse to use bitcoin, ethereum, etc., their place will most likely be occupied by litecoin.

These reasons are already enough to suggest an invariable growth with a short-term correction of litecoin (forecast 2018 and later).

However, there are also supporters of the fact that litecoin can drop in price, down to a critical $ 20. When this happens, no one can say. But those who suggest such a scenario, rely on the words and actions of the creator of this cryptocurrency, Charlie Lee. First, in his Twitter, he said that he wants to warn investors about the danger of collapse, and then completely sold all of his LTC coins.

Could this mean that the San Francisco programmer knows something about the further development of this cryptocurrency? Yes, it is possible. Should I listen to his words and follow the example? Everyone, of course, will decide for themselves. But any investor should understand that the market (including cryptocurrency) is always a risk.

Potential and investment

Everyone, who is somehow familiar with the rules of the economy, know that, with the onset of stability in the market, there are only 3-4 big players. According to some experts, it will also happen with crypto-currencies. In addition to the obvious Bitcoin and Ethereum, Litecoin will remain among the “survivors”. It is difficult to say, what its course will be by that time. But investors continue to believe in LTC, and therefore the crypto currency is safely traded on exchanges. And in litecoin future predictions, the prospect of trading these crypto-monitors looks attractive.

World experts argue that the Litecoin payment system will not disappear for at least the next 4-5 years. And against the backdrop of differences in the Bitcoin system, it is Litecoin that seems to be the most likely alternative to the main crypto currency in the future.

So, in order to successfully invest in Litecoin, it is enough:

  • Remember the main rule of trading: “Buy cheaper – sell higher”;
  • Do not panic when everyone starts to get rid of LTC in the recession, fearing further decline;
  • Understand that after a while the crypto-currency will rise in price because of the deficit;
  • Remember that most experts, making litecoin price prediction 2020, converge on a figure of several hundred dollars for 1 LTC, and some say about $ 1000.

As for the mining of Litecoin, it is still very transparent. Yes, today there is an opportunity for individual miners to earn this crypto currency. But to do this, you have to rent a powerful farm or join a pool. In the second case, you need a powerful computer with a high-performance graphics card. And there are big doubts that this is a profitable investment. After all, litecoin future value, most likely, will not be able to cover expenses. Therefore, experts in the field of crypto currency are advised not to spend money on the purchase of equipment, but simply buy coins.