Start10, October 2017
End16, October 2017

Bitair (BTCA) was built on the blockchain Ethereum technology. Thus, clients spend tokens to pay for travel and tourism related services such as booking airline ticket, making reservations and accessing other related services.

In fact, recently Bitair was recognized as an effective payment method through Asia Pacific Travel PTY Group – A popular online air ticket agency in Asia such as: Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia. In addition, we are also working with other multinational online vendors:, and These vendors allow the use of Bitair in order to purchase tickets immediately.

Bitair is viewed as an important work in progress. It will enhance the collaborative engagement within the industry and will allow the likes of Travelport, Expedia and Agoda to develop a secure and secure cryptocurrency payment technology. It will enable all services related to airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, travel insurance, and package tours to be paid for with ease. Fees are close to zero and it is an exceptionally secure payment method.

Finally, users can participate in exchanging Bitair to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and vice versa. Or transferring among owner’s wallets through applications such as IOS and Android. Therefore, we can control the amount of Bitair easily.

Bitair’s ultimate goal is to enter the payment market, providing customers with more reliable options. Bitair is committed to implementing its strategy for the highest benefit of the owner. With successful ICO, this coin has the potential to revolutionize consumer habits, shopping for travel services such as airfare, hotel reservations, restaurants, tours, and more. Related services such as airport shuttle, luxury car rental, luxury resort over the world.