Bitcomo (BM)

Start28, October 2017
End16, February 2018


Bitcomo Marketing Token (BM) improves the efficiency of lead generation within its decentralized blockchain system. It also facilitates fast transactions between developers and advisers MetaHash (part of AdGroup), with logging clicks and leads in blockchain up to 500 000 QPS in transactions.

Requests are processed immediately after verification of the generated request. BM is a new unit of exchange that operates directly between publishers, advertisers and users inside the platform and their nodes.

Bitcomo’s main partner and adviser MetaHash is also our blockchain provider, which Bitcomo’s ICO platform is based on. MetaHash also serves as our token shop for buying and exchanging BM tokens. In time, token-holders will be able to exchange tokens for any fiat and cryptocurrencies, while publishers on the Bitcomo platform will receive payouts only in BM tokens.

These will primarily be used in the token shop for guaranteed exchange and to maintain the use case of the BM token. As a fork, the BM token will also be used to convert smart contracts on the Ethereum (ERC20) and Waves blockchains.