Start10, October 2017
End30, October 2017

Ethino is a casino Dapp operating entirely on the Ethereum network. We will be the first and only Ethereumcasino to offer ERC20 wagers as well as ERC20 payouts! Our first casino game is the very popular card game, War. Players will face off against the house where each wager and payout is completely processed through our provably fair and transparent Ethereum contract. There will be absolutely no deposits required as well as no delay in payouts. Traditional online casinos as well as physical casinos are unable to match the security, anonymity, and fairness we provide. Our goal is to achieve a premier gambling experience for our customers and a steady stream of profit for our token holders.

ICO scale:
Total raised ETH hard cap: 66,666 (if all tokens sold in bracket 1)
Total Issued Tokens: 12,000,000
Maximum Length of token sale: 4 weeks

Bracket 1: Lasts up to 7 days: 1 ETH = 180 ENO
Bracket 2: Lasts up to 7 days: 1 ETH = 170ENO
Bracket 3: Lasts up to 7 days: 1 ETH = 160ENO
Bracket 4: Lasts up to 7 days: 1 ETH = 150ENO