Presale Helps the Major Virtual Reality ICO, Spective Collect over $1 Million Spective VR

Spectiv, the major VR streaming platform has just finished its presale, including private early supporters in which the Signal Tokens were sold totaling $58,000 USD, 32 BTC, and 3,548 ETH. Spectiv is basically a Virtual Reality media platform where users share their VR videos with the world and others experience those videos comfortably from their homes. This streaming platform is like Twitch but the focus is clearly on VR content.

Signal Tokens

The platform of Spectiv uses signal tokens to connect advertisers and attention influencers directly. This relationship is covered under “Ad Campaign Smart Contracts” where advertisers directly reward the curators, publishers and viewers for driving interest towards their ads. Every click and view of the associated ad is transmitted to “Ad Campaign Smart Contract” which further awards Signal Tokens automatically.

This protocol of Signal Token is open-source, i.e. not limited to the platform of Spectiv. The flexibility of this protocol makes the adoption and implementation easy for any media platform. Spectiv makes this protocol valuable as it provides a foundational layer offering benefits to other media platforms. This realistic approach of creating tokens is helpful in bridging the gap between real-world utility and the blockchain theory.

Successful Presale

Spectiv partnered with Sutton Stone to execute the presale of the project for early supporters. The participants of presale were required to qualify the screenings complying with OFAC and other KYC norms. All the participants of presale went through a personalized SAFT with Spectiv, LLC. All the transactions of presale are audited and verified by Baker Tilly, a global public accounting firm. The motive behind this presale was to establish a standard for regulatory and security consciousness. The proceeds from the presale of tokens are recently released and have been used for building the alpha platform and raise the project’s awareness. The sale of open tokens is all set to commence from December 8th, 2017.

Alpha Release – Spectiv Platform

The current focus of Spectiv is on developing its VR video streaming platform which will probably be released in early November. This alpha V1 is designed to support the upload and viewing of VR content, user accounts, etc. This implies that the purchasers of the token will get an opportunity to use this platform much before the 8th December’s sale.

The Business and Legal Structure

Since presale, Spectiv has advanced and has hired an external CFO, an additional developer, and has moved to an office space near Sutton Stone, the crypto venture partners of Spectiv. To prepare for the open sale, the pertinent business entities are being structured by Spectiv to comply with every existing or undeclared regulation of government. This involves setting up of Mauritian corporate vehicle which will support the sale of tokens in that jurisdiction. Spectiv partnering with Sutton Stone is the second largest project undergoing this process.

The Opportunities to Purchase Tokens

To purchase Signal Tokens, one can spend a fixed price of $0.50 for each token and the qualifying participants will also get the early bird bonus opportunities. The sale is expected to generate maximum $40 million from Signal Tokens. The open sale for Signal Tokens will begin on 8th of December, 2017. The interested persons can sign up on their website’s homepage for an email list.