Start10, October 2017
End18, October 2017

The goal of the project is to raise funds via a blockchain system and an ICO to develop a sand quarry in the Moscow Region. Through creating a real product based blockchain option for a low price and issuing SAND COIN, which includes entering the cryptocurrency market and subsequent buyback, we offer a profitable asset to interested investors.




Raising funds for financing the sand quarry development. Sand quarry development, building infrastructure and purchase of equipment, acquisition of the final required documentation. Mining and sale of the product Development of new quarries under the SAND COIN project. Integration of partners – other sand quarries and non-metallic material deposits into SAND COIN.


The creation of a new economic system for the non-metallic material and construction business via the blockchain technology, which would allow business owners, investors and private entities to participate in the development of a new digital economy, for profit.