3 Year old Bitcoin Puzzle Artwork finally sold for $50K

An artwork is something which can hold a pretty fairly capricious value even after a lot of debate and discussion. But to guess the price of a three-year-old crypto puzzle art, TORCHED H34R7S, was quite an easy thing to do. The art was made by Marguerite deCourcelle. The winning price was 5 bitcoin for the one who solved the puzzle first and cracked a hidden data it withheld.

The artist took inspiration from a poem written by the William Shakespeare, The Phoenix, and the Turtle, and his two parts of data codes in it. The puzzle had to be solved by discovering both of these pieces and joining them together, which will give the fundamental to the wallet that contained the cryptocurrency.

deCourcelle designed this puzzle in 2015 along with another person named Rob Myers and publicized the puzzle in March 2015, on Bitcointalk Forum. At first, the riddler was a huge hit but later when many people failed to decode the crypto-riddler, the involvement started to fade away.

According to deCourcelle, the sudden upsurge in the Bitcoin value in the market last year led to an increased interest of people in the puzzle again. But on contrary, the ethical program writer, who cracked the code confessed that he had no idea about the existence of the puzzle, one month back. He discovered this puzzle while looking for a puzzle associated with cryptocurrency and after he constantly failed to solve it, he started looking for solutions by other people who tried to crack it.

He also explained the painting in detail on his social media account. The flames in the four corners represented a binary code of four bit and properties pointed towards attributes like height, color, thickness and inner color.

Symbols tell the direction of reading of the code and after passing all these levels a key was needed to decode the painting.

The creator of the painting expressed mixed emotions when her puzzle was cracked.