500 billion dollars ICO for Telegram

Telegram is planning to have the largest ICO yet that is worth  $500 million value, and the CEO has said that this would be just a start and that it is likely to grow up to 3-4 billion dollars. If we think about it, which is one of the most common elements used by all the ICOs? It is Telegram. Of course it is not a priority social media, such as Facebook or Youtube or Twitter, but it is getting there

The very encrypted messenger is planning to launch the biggest ICO in history to finance its new Blockchain platform and its future cryptocurrency.

The first information regarding Telegram’s cryptocurrency, has been made public on December 2017, when there were few details about the future Open Network of Telegram (TON). The first movements in this direction were made only in January 2018.

Telegram has faced many obstacles this past months, especially from Russia when the project team refused to give the information from the users to authorities, according to confidentiality laws.

The potential launch of the Telegram wallet is planned to happen on the fourth trimester of this year and the full service packet will be launched in 2019. There have also been some rumours about Google trying to buy Telegram, but the founder of the app has denied it.

Currently, Telegram has gained up to 300 million users on their application. Some speculators say that the users will be one of the biggest things that will help increase the adoption of cryptocurrency to the masses. Telegram certainly has a captive audience that is worth looking into.