A Joyous Moment for Bitcoin.com — 500000 Downloads in just 3 Months

Bitcoin has emerged as the largest cryptocurrency in the financial market, which has toppled the traditional mode of transaction. With this worldwide acclamation, Bitcoin had designed its wallet application, namely Bitcoin.com which has now soared a height of 500000 downloads since its inception three months ago. This is their founding step towards success as more people realize the need for digital currency over traditional methods.

With an urge to transform the new horizon in the e-commerce market, Bitcoin.com set its first foot forward around three months ago. It was designed in accordance with the protocol of Copay Wallet and was built to operate on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android operating system. Since inception, it got a wide appraisal from users who have downloaded this application. The wallet comes handy for users who can purchase bitcoins and also use multi-currency features. Apart from this, the Bitcoin.com wallet is solely accessible by its key holders who control its functioning.

If you have not yet downloaded the Bitcoin wallet, then now is the time for you to use this robust application. In a few simple steps download the wallet and restore it to any supporting operating system. The applications are very convenient, and an individual can send or receive cryptocurrency via this wallet. The unique feature of this is that it is extremely protected. Only the key holders have access to the wallet. Other than this, customers are at the benefit of choosing amongst multiple language options and transaction fee settings.