Bitfinex released v1.2.0 of Smidgen

Three months ago, Bitfinex was announcing on their website the fresh start of Smidgen. Smidgen is a MIT Licensed IOTA multisignature wallet and works the same as IOTA, as an open-source.

With this new feature, the users are able to create an address with multiple seeds on every transaction. Each seed belongs to one or more users and that aims to add another level of security to all IOTA transactions.

Few days ago, on December 27, Bitfinex has announced their new version of the multisignature wallet. This update comes as an enhancement for the IOTA transactions having lots of new features.

In this version 1.2.0, developers have come up with beneficial features and bug fixes. Here are few of them:

  •   The user can choose more than one output for a transaction, this means that anyone could transfer a certain amount to several target addresses at a time.
  •   The security regarding the multisignature wallet creation is enforced. Smidgen is checking with getKeyIndex if one seed has been used before in a transaction.
  •   Smidgen will use .smidgenrc as a new configuration file where the user can overwrite the provider.
  •   Some essential bugs fixes: the crash if there were connection issues. Users were claiming that the wallet would crash whenever the node was overloaded.
  •   Library update: iota.lib.js updated to version 0.4.5 with many fixes.
  •   Beneficial commands added like balance checking.