Hackers using common apps to mine Bitcoin with your computer

The Kaspersky Lab researchers have identified a fraud method to mine virtual coins using someone else’s computer. An usual application or software like the ones used for editing photos or texts was installed on the user’s computer to mine cryptocurrency. All the profit the user was making without even knowing would get to the hackers, of course.

The cryptocurrency market is extending lately having enormous increases in the number of investments. Of course, at this level of activity, more hackers are monitoring the development of it.

The fact that this enthusiasm is reaching to so many people,

can only delight the hackers, because among the people trading with virtual coins, there are many that don’t have an extensive knowledge in cryptocurrency. They also rely on the fact that the average person using internet couldn’t spot a hacked software when having one installed on their computers.

Cryptocurrency mines have become one of the most important trends of 2017. This ‘trend’ was announced last year of Kaspersky researchers who have detected a comeback of the mining software due to the growing popularity of Zcash.

One year later, the cryptocurrency mines are everywhere. The ciber attackers are trying to find different instruments and techniques like social engineering campaigns to exploit a hacked software to attack as many computers as possible.

Experts have recently discovered similar websites that offer users the chance to download an enticing software, a very popular one, that of course, is hacked. The hackers are using names of very popular softwares so that the users trust the apps. The tricky part is that the names of the websites are not the same as the original ones, they contain a little change in it that sometimes crosses unnoticed.

How does it work? The user downloads an archive that has the mining software and that will be automatically installed with the desired software. After installation, the mines start to operate silently on victim’s computers generating cryptocurrency.

To avoid this issue, it is recommended that the softwares the user downloads should only come from official websites .