Jeremy Grantham fears that Bitcoin Bubble will explode soon

Most of the financial experts have said that Bitcoin is a bubble, and any bubble will explode at some point. Jeremy Grantham is one of the experts that are doubting the future of this virtual currency. Grantham has a portofolio of pretty precise predictions regarding the financial world. He has predicted financial crisis and has some sort of advantage when it comes to evaluating the markets.

His opinion is that Bitcoin is e speculative bubble that will probably explode in the next two years. The concept of bubble is, of course not certain, as William Derringer has stated one month ago, that if we were to know for sure that Bitcoin is a bubble, it would’ve popped until now.

Despite the increase recorded the past year, of 1,318%, Bitcoin is not present in Top 10 growths of 2017’s cryptocurrencies. Ripple has managed to surpass the increases of the most famous virtual coin by having an appreciation of over 30% in price value.

Very few economy or financial experts have shown their sympathy for the cryptocurrency world. Some of them think that it is a childish imaginary financial world, others think that this is some sort of gambling.

One of the founders of Investment Management, Jeremy Grantham is on the ‘Bitcoin is a bubble’ team. He also claimed that the crash of the coin might be happening sooner than expected, in six months. It is true that the stability of the coin has been questioned especially lately with the high fluctuations that it has shown. Some analysts tend to think that there will be another massive increase in tha value of Bitcoin and this past price drop was just a stepping stone.

The lack of a materialized value and non-regulated markets are two major issues in the eyes of the expert. Grantham added that Bitcoin is the Bubble basis, once it pops, all the other virtual coins will go down after it. This is a pretty popular subject tackled by experts and analysts.