Opera is implementing NoCoin

Lately, it has been reported that more computers each day are used without the user’s approval to mine cryptocurrency. A normal user could enter a website and without knowing it, the hacked software inside it would use their CPU to mine virtual coins. This subject has been debated many times now and the most common solution to this would be an up to date system of security for the websites. This way, the cyber attacks become less facile for the hackers.

Opera browser has had its peak few years ago, but lately, it has been pretty neglected. The Opera team is going to launch a new version of the product that might attract internet users all arund the world.

For the moment, there is no browser meant to stop the hidden miners inside the websites, but Opera browser developers seem to have an idea on how to fix this issue.

Unfortunately, for the moment, there is no such thing as a list or a database with all the websites that reach out to this method of ‘mining’. Moreover, you can’t associate this issue only with torrents or illegal downloads. The value of cryptocurrencies has exploded these past weeks, so more and more hackers have targeted popular websites of streaming or online platforms to integrate their malitious scripts.

Opera developers have created a new version of the popular browser called Opera 50, that will be launching soon and promises to remedy the problem of the websites that use 100% of your processor to mine Bitcoin.

This is not an AdBlock type of mechanism, the system will be called NoCoin and the algorithm used will be blocking the scripts that use your CPU resoures to mine. The new tool can be activated or deactivated whenever the user needs to.