Price fluctuation affects Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash over weekend

It was a roller coaster weekend for the cryptocurrency world. The Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash took an upsurge with 15% of price fluctuation, and in this league, Bitcoin surpassed its adversary, Ethereum—ranks second in the digital currency.

From Saturday until Sunday, there was a series of fluctuation in the prices.  The financial graph kept on ascending and descending from $6500 to $5507 and then again back to $6400 and later to $5799 as was seen on Sunday evening.Over the last weekend, Bitcoin soar to a high price of $7800. Bitcoin Cash too was not far behind. It rose to $2500, leaving behind Ethereum—the second largest digital currency. By Sunday evening, Bitcoin cash earned double than that of Friday’s rates.

Amidst all these, the sudden cancellation of SegWit2X created a major setback for Bitcoin. This forced split was essential to increase bitcoin’s block size from 1 MB to 2 MB but was cancelled on Wednesday due to a rift between the cryptocurrency insiders. Investors became dissatisfied and became more attracted towards Bitcoin Cash than Bitcoin. Even after this constant graph changing, Bitcoin scored the first place as the leading cryptocurrency followed by Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash respectively.