Re-incorporation of Bitcoin by Microsoft

The online stores of Microsoft i.e., Windows and Xbox are again welcoming the Bitcoins. The Bitcoins were accepted as a payment method in 2014 by the Microsoft. This declaration came from Microsoft as it stopped its customers or users to use the Bitcoins as one of the payment methods for the online games and applications as Bitcoins are unstable in the market.

On Wednesday, according to the Australian news as told by the company, Bitcoins were again added back to the Microsoft wallets of the users for redeeming dollars against them.  

According to a spokesperson, the Bitcoins were restored as a payment option as it ensured lower amount of the Bitcoins to be redeemable by the customers.  Microsoft has been contacted by the Fortune to get the proper information as well as to update the actual story behind the Bitcoins.

Within a year, Bitcoin has faced a roller coaster ride which rose high one day and then fall back again the next day.  The cyptocurrency almost rose to $20000 during mid-December, but then after few days it dropped to 22% i.e., $15262. According to some sources, the cost of Bitcoin was $14694.  

Now Microsoft has confirmed that Bitcoin has got restored in its online stores.