The emergence of Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold is an offshoot of Bitcoin that is showcasing itself in the financial market as a single Bitcoin version. It is not a mere platform based on Bitcoin source code. Incepted in August, Bitcoin Gold has the same value proposition as that of Bitcoin. So, bitcoin user who owned bitcoins before this split has the same amount of bitcoin gold too.

The two offsprings of the original Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, works for providing an overall benefit to Bitcoin users. The Bitcoin Cash ponders on the capacity crunch of Bitcoin, while Bitcoin Gold has been initiated to decentralize the control of the big mining companies that govern Bitcoin transactions.

Initially, bitcoin users had the notion that bitcoin mining could be conducted via their gadgets, which will earn them a little revenue for supporting the network. But over time, their moment of epiphany aroused when these investors explored a more technically method of Bitcoin. Thus, with time these investing companies gained a centralized control over a majority of Bitcoin network. And Bitcoin Gold has barged in to change this current trend. It aspires to make mining more democratic than authoritative.For this Bitcoin, Gold has undertaken some proven methodologies. But Bitcoin Gold is still in the dormant stage, and many users and investors see this forced split with the eyes of suspicion. With a value much to that of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold’s future is still uncertain.