Was Bitcoin indeed Bankrupt?

The year 2014 proved to be a tough time for Bitcoin users who had lost all their assets in the probable Bitcoin theft. At that time, Mt.Gox (the Gathering Online Exchange), which later became well-known as Bitcoin exchange reported a theft of all the Bitcoins. Investors were at a huge loss, and everyone got the notion that bitcoin from bitcoin exchange was always stolen. A complaint was filled at the Japanese court to adhere to the losses of investors that summed to $500 million.

But Bitcoin was not bankrupt. The credit for this goes to the Japanese laws of treating Bitcoin whose value has rose from a nominal amount of $500 to as high as $6500. With such a massive currency gap, the rest of the amount (approximately 200,000 bitcoins) was incurred by the Bitcoin Exchange. So it was not the time for the Mt.Gox customers to reclaim their amount. The bitcoin exchange assured of refunding the value of bitcoin as it was in 2014. This is seen as unjust by the customers who feel deprived because the value of Bitcoin has now increased to $6500 whereas they are being offered only $500.Going further, the then CEO of Mt.Gox Mark Karpeles, who is now under trial for mismanagement had received the lost bitcoins whose estimate is $1.5 billion. He has claimed that this money belongs to the bitcoin exchange and not the customers. Such an incident has created an upsurge in the minds of the bitcoin users.