Woman accused of sending money to ISIS through Bitcoin

A woman from New York was accused for using Bitcoins to send money to the Islamic State terrorist organisation.

The woman was accused on Friday of money laudrying using cryptocurrencies. BBC reported that among the virtual coins used, there was Bitcoin too.

According to further investigations, the name of the woman is Zoobia Shahnaz  and she is 27. Also, Shahnaz is originary from Pakistan and was accused of bank fraud and of money laudrying. The women does not have the right to be put on liberty on behalf of bail.

The prosecutors have declared that she took a loan from the bank fraudulently, having the value of $85,000 to buy Bitcoins.

The virtual coin has a history of law breaking when it comes to money laudrying and support of terrorism. The British authorities have urged the international communities to enforce the cibernetic security.

According to new information, Zoobia Shahnaz, who currenctly lives in New York, worked as a lab technician in a Manhattan Hospital.

The woman was going to travel to Siria, having the money with her. She was arrested in J.F.K Airport, having $9,500 with her.

She has the chance to get nearly 20 years of prison for money laudrying and bank fraud.

The lawyer of the woman said that she worked to gather money for the Syrian refugees from her home.