Zerolink enters testing phase

Zerolink representatives have invited volunteer users to test the first completely anonymous use of Bitcoin. There have been invited more than 100 testers,  that will be rewarded for their efforts.

The project represents a new attempt to offer users the right to anonymity.

The main problems in 2017 were devolution and scalling, and the efforts from 2018 will be focused on p2p exchanges, atomic swaps and anonymity. There is a need of anonymity, because these times, privacy is not the most common word when it comes to Internet. Everything we do on the internet, every transaction, every download is recorded in a file that has your name on it. This need of privacy, has led to the development of products like CoinJoin, which combine Blockchain with the anonymity during transactions.

Hiding identity is not so easy in the cryptocurrency world either, but Zerolink is a privacy-solution that uses a mean of blending coins together based on CoinJoin. It is the most recent project that aims to fulfill the need to anonymity of the users.

The founder of the project reached for 100 volunteers to help testing the project. The target is to prove that there is possible to have anonymous transactions on the biggest blockchain in the world. The testers will get $10 for their help on the project.

In spite of mixing the coins, the tracking of them is not impossible.

Even if the coin trails are eliminated at network level, by examining some data, hackers could spot the pattern.