2018 – The Blockchain Era

Bitcoin was the star of 2017 with an exponential increase from $1,000 to almost $20,000, ending the year with the price of $13,000.

The value of the virtual coin has grown considerably this past year as more people from Asia, especially Japan, China and North Korea started to trade with the well-known cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been seen as an alternative to bank accounts or deposits, but with smaller fees and interest rate.

There were many allegations regarding the fact that the coin might be a bubble, JP Morgan warned speculators that Bitcoin is a ‘fraud’ and a ‘bubble created from nothing’.

Moreover, authorities around the world are claiming that Bitcoin is used for money laundering and drug dealing. More countries take different measures for limitation or Bitcoin regulation. This has already been done by Russia and China, India and France being the ones that will follow.

Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin and it is said to be 2018’s star. The American giant, Oracle, the second software company of the world after Microsoft, launched a technology based on blockchain for companies.

This blockchain technology is called Oracle Blockchain Cloud, and it is a register type platform, very advanced and companies distributed. This is meant to help  clients improve the impact speed of business and to reduce the diminish the costs and the risks.

Microsoft also has a blockchain based technology. The giant has a pilot software where blockchain is combined with cloud computing to ease the bank transactions processes.