534 million dollars stolen from Japanese exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange from Japan called Coincheck, has been recently under hackers attack. The prejudice has managed to reach 523 millions of NEM coins that are worth nearly 534 million dollars.

The virtual coins have been stolen on Friday after many unauthorised transactions. After the attack, the exchange representatives have held a press conference where they announced the damage and what are the measures they will be taking.

It is a bit odd how the hackers were interested exclusively of NEM coins and nothing more. According to numerous sources, there was no other cryptocurrency stolen from the exchange.

A spokesperson from the exchange has declared that hackers maaget to steal private keys from the exchange wallet and that was the way of evading the coins. 

NEM (XEM) virtual coin is currently trading at almost $1 with a decrease of 6.15% in the past 24 hours. The decrease is, of course affected by the hacking too, but not as much as expected. With a market cap of $8.6 billions, it is currently the tenth in CoinMarketCap’s Top 100.

Coincheck has filed a claim to the Financial Services Agency and to the Police and as a measure of security, all the withdrawals have been ceased for the moment. It seems like one of the problems was that the virtual coins were being held in a wallet without multisig. Coincheck added that the security settings may be different from a coin to another.

The exchange company has announced that the address where the funds have been moved is known and they hope the hackers will be caught with the help of the address.

There is no exact number of the prejudiced persons, but the money will be totally returned to the victims. Even if the exchange team has spoken about the money repayment, nobody knows how the money will be rewarded and how this issue will be approached.