600 mining computers disappeared in a massive theft

600 high powered computers created exclusively for Bitcoin mining, have disappeared in a massive theft in Iceland. A number of 600 powerful servers created for mining, 600 graphics cards, 100 processors, 100 power supplies and 100 external memory sets have been stolen in a major theft. All these elements were stolen by a well organised group from Iceland. Despite the fact that 11 persons are currently in arrest and 3 persons are in police custody, neither of the computers that have been stolen has been found by the police officers.

According to official sources, the theft that happened in December last year and at the beginning of January 2018, has been caught on the cameras of the server company Advania, one of the ones ‘hit’ by this major theft. Advania is the leading technology company from the Northern countries in Europe and it is based in Iceland.

Advania was offering their clients the means to Bitcoin mining platforms and after investigations, the platforms have been creeped also. After a short analysis, the prejudice reaches a value of around 2 million dollars. The police officer Olafur Helgi Kjartansson has stated that this is not the usual theft and that the group who did this was very well organised and took everything into consideration.

The authorities from Iceland is tracking the energy consume from the country and in case the thieves open the computers, they introduce pressure among the network which could lead the police to their location. Lately, more and more major thefts are happening because of cryptocurrency, especially now that Bitcoin is growing again. This forever growing price of Bitcoin seems to encourage hackers, thieves and everybody willing to obtain the virtual coin through illegal acts.