Alpha Casper FFG – launched on testnet

Ethereum is getting closer to adopting the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm. Karl Floersch, researcher, has launched a user manual of the Casper update on the testnet network.

According to, one day before New Year’s Eve, Floersch has published the utility instructions manual of the Alpha Casper FFG. Inside the new guide, the user can find information regarding pyethereum which has a processing power way smaller and as a result of that, the network parameters will be drastically limited to ensure sustainability.

A minimum amount of 1500 ETH is necessary to mine for the first time through the new protocol. Researchers are working in parallel on two types of the update: Casper FFG (Friendly Finality Gadget) and Casper CbC (Correct by Construction).

The first model launched exclusively for the testing environment called testnet, will facillitate the transition from Proof of Work algorithm to PoS. Casper CbC will manage the process of agreement once the PoS transition is done. From that moment, the users won’t be able to mine cryptocurrencies through GPU but through their Ethereum holdings.

Among the technological process, everything is looking well for the Ethereum community, especially when it comes to the adoption of the coin. On December 2017, the number of active addresses that were using Ether, surpassed for the first time the number of Bitcoin addresses. Moreover, at the same time, Ethereum was welcoming the biggest number of transactions in history: 1,136,659.

Bitcoin has had this characteristic flexibility lately, growing and decreasing every day, but its position inside the carts remains the same. Bitcoin will not come on the second place in the near future and will continue its fluctuations which in spite of any allegations, are considered pretty normal, as many analysts say.