An Entrepreneur from Russia Filed for the Trademark on Liquor Brands Naming “Ethereum” And “Bitcoin”

Dmitry Troitsky has declared his intentions of creating a line of premium Vodka that will carry the name of the cryptocurrencies. The entrepreneur already has plans to release 3 specific liquor brands naming “Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.”

The native Russian has declared his big plans to do a mass market release of a line of vodka named after the cryptocurrencies in the country. To that effect, he has filed a petition with the Russian Trademark Office to make use of the names in his line of alcoholic products. Troitsky is well aware of the government’s animosity toward cryptocurrencies. But he believes that this perception doesn’t translate to the general public. His market strategy is directed towards name recognition.

Troitsky has declared on Russian news outlet that he was eager to use the name of the cryptocurrencies because of their international recognition. He still hasn’t decided on the look of the product or a release date.

Dmitry envisions a satisfying association of his product with cryptocurrencies

Dmitry Troitsky is not the only entrepreneur to try his luck banking in the popularity of cryptocurrencies to associate them with alcoholic beverages. In January of this year a U.S businessman named Avi Aisenberg, who had an interest in the distillery business and cryptocurrencies created a liquor named “EthereRum”. The novelty of the product was the origin of it: It was distilled using the residual heat of mining computers.

Troitsky hopes that his product will overcome the label of novelty or gift to become a brand with commercial success. He is very much aware of the silliness of the situation, but he also thinks that with the right support and resources his idea can grow and find its place in the Russian liquor market.