Apple Co-founder robbed of 7 bitcoins through fraud

The co-founder of the international company, Apple, recently made an explosive complaint. In the international business conference of the Times’ Group, Wozniak complained that he has become a victim of fraudulence through the robbery of seven Bitcoin currencies directly from him. An unknown person purchased the Bitcoins using a stolen credit card and then cancelled the payment soon after getting hold of the Bitcoins. The scam was committed in an incredibly easy manner, and the credit card being a stolen counterfeit, is untraceable too!

Despite the fraud, the Apple co-founder Wozniak, is still continuing to support trading in cryptocurrency, whose transactions are independent of government regulations and policies. The crypto currency, Bitcoin, is self-regulated and highly secure as the transactions and related data and information is protected by the complicated techniques of cryptography that makes use of a private key and a public key to keep the details confidential. He believes that the crypto currency, is mathematical and hence genuinely accurate, cannot be randomly altered and is devoid of loopholes whatsoever. Steve Wozniak had previously purchased at the rate of just 700 dollars for each coin to assess the ups and downs of trading in cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoins that were stolen from Wozniak are currently priced at approximately 71400 dollars because of the recent price of bitcoin which is 10200 dollars.

The price of Bitcoin has escalated by about a 100 percent from a value of less than a thousand dollars to the current value of ten thousand dollars. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency powered by Blockchain technology, which is de-centralised in nature and conducts peer to peer transactions without the intervention of any third parties like bank or even government. The transactions in Bitcoin are always securely conducted and accurately archived.

Wozniak is currently in possession of above hundred million dollars of Bitcoin.