Bitcoin (BTC) went up 6.83%

The price of Bitcoin shot up by 604.34 dollars and attained a price of 9447.01 dollars. It is believed by crypto  experts, that the price of Bitcoin will rise to 10391.71 dollars. The peak price is 9465.74 dollars, while the lowest is 8427.78 dollars. On an average, 174002 Bitcoin is being traded at 1.57 billion dollars.

For about a month, the price of Bitcoins rose to 14.36 percent from 8260.69 dollars per coin. For a period of a hundred days, Bitcoin got traded down by 5.02% before being prices at 4089.70 dollars about two hundred days before.

Currently, Bitcoin has about 16.92 millions of coins being mined with a marketcap value of 159.76 billion dollars, with about 21 million coins getting circulated in trade. The bitcoin is powered by the algorithm, SHA56 and has a proof type called PoW.

Bitcoin is decentralized in nature and uses the Blockchain technology to conduct peer to peer transactions between two parties without any third party intervention.

Bitcoin is associated with a brilliant reputation of the widest range of markets and highest attainment of price, with its maximum till date at 18 billion US Dollars, which indicates that the crypto currency will persist in its popularity amongst Bitcoin investors and traders, despite the odds and flaws. The development team of Bitcoin is working hard to remove every technical glitch associated with the crypto currency to push through the obstacles and make the price and popularity of Bitcoin rise to the top. It is the crypto currency of the highest trading volume, but its price is still quite erratic and can rise up or plunge down by 10%-20% in just day or two. This affects the investment in Bitcoin, and investors panic and rush out of the market in fear of loss and bankruptcy, but then again the crypto currency is popular enough to regain its plunging price and attract more and more investors.