Bitcoin Cash emerges as the second largest cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Cash, a presumed rival of the original Bitcoin, has reportedly emerged as the second largest cryptocurrency in the e-commerce market. Bolstering the latest reports of Sunday, Coinmarketcap showcases the recent upshoot of Bitcoin Cash as $41 billion on Sunday, until it fell flat to $22 on Sunday night. The twitter was flooding with wishes and congratulations from the industry veterans and organization, over Bitcoin Cash’s success in stepping its foot as second largest digital currency. However, even after roaring such high success rate, it was a doomsday for Bitcoin Cash when its proposed SegWit2X failed to upgrade the transaction level of Bitcoin Cash. A number of people were hoping the birth of another blockchain with this boom, but the proposed upgrade plan failed.

In between all this hassle bustle of the new currency market, Bitcoin Gold Blockchain was officially launched Sunday and started trading at a rate of $273.54. The value of original bitcoin too, descended to $5500 on Sunday, while only a week ago it was soaring to $7879. Although Bitcoin Cash has aspired to escalate to a new height, this sudden failure was a major setback for the new currency market.