Bitcoin Cash Vs Bitcoin — A Peaceful Future Ahead

With a financial upheaval in the new digital currency market, Bitcoin Cash emerges as the second largest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash is the result of a hard fork that was initiated during August this year. Another proposed split was announced in Mid-November but was later cancelled due to inconsistency amongst the cryptocurrency insiders. After SegWit2X, the proposed plan was cancelled, Bitcoin Cash saw an upheaval in its prices from $7200 to $7800. Although designed with modern amenities investors had a fear of a possible failure of SegWit2X in upgrading the transactions.

But with such escalating performance of Bitcoin Cash, it is now a question of original Bitcoin’s existence. Although it has a value worth of four times than that of Bitcoin Cash, the success that the later showed in the e-commerce market, forced critics to rethink about Bitcoin’s existence.Investors are now more interested in Bitcoin Cash than Bitcoin. So it is difficult to say who will rule the market. While some are of the opinion that Bitcoin ash will overpower Bitcoin, other think differently. They believe that both the cryptocurrencies can exist without threatening each other’s existence. And a good part of it is that Bitcoin can continue its small-block vision while funding the large ones.