Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 comes with SegWit support

Bitcoin enthusiasts are delighted by the new version of Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 that has been launched on February 26. The software is presenting new characteristics, bug fixes and enhancements of the performance and update localizations.

The most important aspect of the update is the SegWit support. It is an important thing to be mentioned that Bitcoin Core is contributing to Bitcoin scalability.

The new software version has been announced since January and the enthusiasm in the crypto space has been boosted since then. More precise, Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 is offering full SegWit support through the wallet and the user interface. The official announcement has been made through a short twitter post where Bitcoin Core Project offered a link with the updated soft.

The SegWit implementation is being introduced step by step by reducing fees for transactions and improving the rapidity of the payments. Two major exchanges have already implemented SegWit, Bitfinex and Coinbase, subject that has already been approached by our website.

With regard to this update, Coinbase has stated that to those that are unfamiliarized with SegWit, this update is decreasing the transactions size and reduces the fees that the users are paying at each transaction.

Technological innovations as SegWit and Lightning Network are promising to solve scalability problems that Bitcoin is currently encountering. According to, SegWit transactions have reached a new all time high and more than 30% of the transactions total number are done with Segregated Witness.