Bitcoin is the Future of Banking

Greg Feller from CFO has expressed his certainty that the Bitcoin products being developed currently are the next generation digital banking experience. On a phone interview with Bloomberg, Mr. Feller stated that the crypto account is going to be housed inside the Mogo account.

Being a Canadian online lender, Mogo Finance Technology Inc. offers products that include mortgages, prepaid Visa cards and personal loans through the computer and mobile apps. It is expected that in the future the platform will also incorporate a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies.

Mogo already has a built-in advantage, being an established Canadian brand with almost half a million customers. According to Mr. Feller, the company is now capable of adding and rolling out new, innovative products thanks to the digital account they have built. He also said investors are already looking towards this direction..

Businesses That Offer Bitcoin Are Rewarded By Businesses

As Mogo continues to launch new products like the Bitcoin wallet, more people are becoming aware of the type of platform that the company is creating in the market. And according to Mr. Feller, investors have also noticed that Mogo shares have risen to as much as 35 percent, which is the highest since the initial public offering by the company.

The company has also announced that former N Trust employee Wayne Chen will now be the Senior Product Manager. Mr. Chen who played a big role in NTrust’s exchange products and Bitcoin wallet was joyously welcomed to the Mogo team during a recent press release.

Mogo’s Feller explains that the plan of the company is to leverage the power of the technology platform. This is expected to make it easy for more Canadians to access the products and also to help reduce the transaction costs. Canadians, especially millennials that are tech savvy are looking for a secure, easy to own and use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.