Blockchain Solutions Forum – Fira de Barcelona

Blockchain Solutions Forum held in Barcelonaon 3-5 October was without a doubt the most prominent Blockchain event this year. This forum is considered to be a partnership between Fira de Barcelona and BECON (Blockchain Ecosystem Network).
The Forum also hosted and became an integral platformforthe 3rd IOT Solutions World Congress 2017. Moreover, International Industry Week located alongside the event bags a total visitor’s base of over 50,000. The event features representatives and professionals from more than 70 countries enabling them in connecting with all the sectors in search for latest applications. Including Bitcomo, a key ICO and a decentralized CPA network that uses affiliate marketing strategy with payment for a targeted action (Cost Per Action), with the basis of execution on the technological stack (S2S postback) on Blockchain technology.
The conference program is divided to 3 days, each day with a different agenda.
Day 1: October 3
· Blockchain and how will it disrupt existing industries? – presented by Jon Matonis, Founding Director of Bitcoin Foundation UK
· Blockchain and Internet of Value – presented by Gabriel Kurman, Co-Founder of RSK Labs (USA)
· Next generation data privacy; a decentralized search engine – Presented by Alex Bessonov, Founder and CEO of Bitclave (USA)
· Using smart contracts to organize, and bring verification and stability to a traditionally unchecked sector; the cannabis industry – Presented by JessiceVersteeg CEO at Paragon (USA)
Vertical Deep Dive
1. Blockchain and Built Industry (Construction)
· What do people want? A review of the disparate actors in Construction and what they want from Blockchain – Presented by Huw Thomas, Independent Consultant (United Kingdom)
· Smart Homes: collecting and distributing information from IoT sensors – Presented by Neil Thompson, Member of Digital Built Britain task group (United Kingdom)
· Building Information Modelling as an IT domain –Presented by EleniPapadonikolaki Lecturer, UCL (United Kingdom)
· How Blockchain impacts Architecture and Design Thinking – Presented by Abel Maciel Director, Design Computation (UK).
2. Blockchain and Real Estate
· Blockchain: Digitally Rebuilding the Real Estate Industry – Presented by AviSpielman Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
· How governmental bodies are using Blockchain – Presented by George Givishvili CMO, Bitfury (Group Netherlands)
3. Blockchain and Cities
· How gaming and Blockchain can enhance security and safety in cities – Presented by Alex Shalash, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Idea Fabrik (Canada and United Kingdom)
· Smart cities and smart contracts – Presented by Josep de la Rosa, Universitat de Girona (Spain)
4. Blockchain and Ports
· Presented by Mariel van der Linden Global Maritime Services, Ericsson (Netherlands) and Mika Lammi Head of IoT, Kouvolu Innovation (Finland)

Day 2: October 4
· How a pioneering bitcoin company can change Blockchain – Presented by George Givishvili, CMO at Bitfury (Group Netherlands)
· Solving inefficiencies of cloud platforms by developing decentralized worldwide computational power – Presented by Ilia FranksteinStragety Advisor at SONM (Russia)
· CPA marketing on blockchain – Presented by Ivan Karadzhov, Business Development Director at Bitcomo (Singapore)

Closing Keynote:
Convergence: the future with IoT, Robotics, AI, Blockchainand all other emerging technologies:
· Robotics – Presented by Sophia Hanson, Chief Humanoid at SingularityNET
· Artificial Intelligence – Presented by Ben Goertzel, CEO at SingularityNET (USA)
· Will Robots steal your job? – Presented by Federico Pistono, Author, speaker and researcher (Italy)
Day 3: October 5
Vertical Deep Dive:
1. Blockchain and Food
· Introduction by Stefan Meyer, CTO & Co-founder of Ambrosus and Managing Director, Food and Nutrition Centre EPFL (Switzerland).
· How to improve local manufacturing and give the possibility to operate at a global scale – Presented by Antonio Martin Alonso VP Digital technology, CTO, Blendhub (Spain)
· Transparency in Every Byte of Food – Presented by Phil Harris, Founder and President Ripe at Blockchain for Food (USA)

2. Blockchain, Fintech and Financial Services
· Wall Street Blockchain Alliance – Presented by Ron Quaranta, CEO
· Rabobank – Presented by DjuriBaars, Blockchain Co-Lead (Netherlands)
· Alastria – Presented by Alex Puig, Director (Spain)

3. Blockchain and Healthcare
· Using Blockchain to verify Healthcare scheduling – Presented by Dr Mathew Rose, Co-founder at Saavha (USA)
· Connecting more people to better healthcare by leveraging mobile technology – Presented by OnnoSchellekens, CEO at PharmAccess Group (Netherlands)
· Helping pharmacists deliver prescriptions to your door – Presented by Nick Potts, CEO at ScriptDrop (USA)
· Redefining care – Presented by Dr. David Randall Ph.D., Senior Policy Advisor at Solve.Care Foundation (USA)
· What happens after a patient leaves the hospital – Presented by Katherine Kuzmeskas, CEO at SimplyVital (USA)

Panel Discussion: Blockchain Technologies and the challenges of Digital Transformation
· From the Ethereum point of view – Presented by Matt Spoke, CEO and Co-Founder at Nuco (Canada)
· From the NEM Foundation point of view – Presented by Albert Castellana, Council member at NEM Foundation (Singapore/Spain)
· From the Bitfury point of view – Presented by Marc Taverner, Director of Business Development at Bitfury Group (Netherlands)
· From an author’s point of view – Presented by Federico Pistono Author, speaker and researcher (Italy)
· Blockchain and (Digital) Advertising – Presented by Breaux Walker Head of Blockchain, Kochava (USA)