Bunny Ranch will be allowing Bitcoin payment

Yes, you’ve heard well, one of the most famous brothels is going to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. As many might say, one of the world’s oldest professions will be paid in cryptocurrency. If you don’t watch HBO, and you don’t have any idea about the company, Google it, the world’s famous Bunny Ranch is getting into Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has not been seen as a good financial influence lately, because of its presence on the dark web, facilitating with its anonymity the illegal transactions.

Contrary to these anonymity issues, Bunny Ranch’s founder thinks that adopting the most popular virtual coin represents an advantage. He also added that many of his elite clients have suggested that the coin should be introduced as a payment method.

As Bitcoin has recently become a toy for the wealthy people. The explanation would be that they have too much money in their accounts that they don’t know on what else they should invest. It is not a surprise the fact that many Bunny Ranch clients are Bitcoin traders and investors.

The adoption of the coin has expanded massively, especially because of the confidential character that it is offering.

Also, the founder of the brothel says that the new member of their payment system would help them get rid of the piles of money that are not a safe payment method.


In the past months, Bitcoin has become the main payment instrument on Wall Street even if its negative aspects is affecting the image of the coin right now.