Cardano – the coin that started from scratch

Cardano had an unusual beginning, because it rarely happens for a new virtual coin to have such a big market cap. Cardano is a different and ambitious project with a strong development team that has provoked a major interest. By the end of 2017, Cardano has reached a 20 billion dollars market cap despite the fact it was in early phase.

Why is the Cardano community so confident when it comes to ADA?

Cardano developers are saying that they will solve most of the problems that other coins are confronting with, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Bitcoin has been referred to as slow transactions and high fees because of the limited protocol. Ethereum is way more flexible, but it doesn’t offer enough security or scalling solutions.

Cardano is confident about their security code, verified by many experts and cyber security programmers. Bitcoin and Ethereum were both the first for their specific generations, but Cardanao is also the first for its generation, and had the advantage of learning from its predecessors mistakes.

Currently, cryptocurrency developers are focusing on two main problems: proof of stake and sharding. Cardano representatives have announced that they solved the sharding issue, the only one left is the Proof of Stake.