Central European bank is expecting cryptocurrency regulations at G20 Summit

Representatives of Central European Bank consider cryptocurrencies as the main subject that must be approached inside the G20 summit that will be happening in March 2018.

This subject has been approached before during the World Economic Forum event, when one member of the leading board has brought up the statement of the French treasurer about virtual coins.

According to CoinTelegraph, Brune Le Maire has said that the Bitcoin subject must be thoroughly discussed at the summit. Even if the interest in the ‘favourite’ virtual coin has dropped massively, there is still need for these discussions to happen.

Le Maire has expressed his wish that Bitcoin will be present on the Event agenda. Numerous regulations will be also discussed inside the event.

Theresa May, Great Britain Prime Minister and Steven Mnuchin, US treasurer have said that some point of view need to be consolidated, while the State Secretary of US has said that the Bitcoin techology has many advantages and is indeed very precious. Well, it is not that precious for the moment, but we hope for the best and we know that the market will eventually recover.

Also, the State Governor of Sweden Central Bank is not impressed by the virtual coin. In her opinion, the cryptocurrency shouldn’t be labeled as a currency. It doesn’t  fulfill any characteristics that define a real currency. As long as you can’t store values inside it due to volatility, you can’t call it a real coin. She added that Bitcoin is neither an adequate exchange coin.