Coincheck has compensated the users affected by the January theft

Usually, in case of a theft with a cryptocurrency exchange or a digital wallet implied, the funds are being moved so rapidly, that there are no chances in recuperating. The same thing happened to the Coincheck exchange that lost 523 million dollars in January. At that time, a big part of the electronic wallets have been emptied and the private keys have been stolen. What has been intriguing about this case is that the thieves were interested only in NEM coins and nothing else. It is presumably easier for them to calculate and share the amount, as a NEM is worth $1 each.

However, after an enormous effort from the company, they managed to refund every user that has been damaged by the theft.

Coincheck has officially announced that they have given all the stolen holdings back and the number of refunded clients was of $260,000. An exchange representative has stated that the refunding has closed on Monday and Coincheck has resumed their activity. Also, the interest has grown among the supporters, especially because the exchange has kept their word and refunded every penny.

An investigation is currently ongoing and the thieves haven’t been found yet. However, the authorities have found the places where the funds were transferred, in a Japanese exchange and a Canadian one. As a side effect, the XEM coin has also appreciated considerably with 20 among all Asian exchanges.