Coincheck stolen coins found in Canada and Japan exchanges

Bitday has spoken before about the Coincheck theft where the prejudice has recorded 534 million dollars worth of NEM. Recently, BIG researchers have found a trace for the cryptocurrencies that were evaded from the Japanese exchange in January. It seems like, the coins are deposited inside an exchange from Vancouver, Canada.

Moreover, a newspaper from Japan has stated that 24 millions of NEM have ended up in the Zaif Japanese exchange. They were able to follow the path of the coins due to a labelling system where NEM developers are alerting exchanges in case of theft that they hold stolen funds. With the help of these labels, the exchanges can easily identify hackers addresses and can block the exchange the coins into other cryptocurrency or fiat.

This movement has been very helpful, as the hackers tried to remain hidden by using Canadian exchanges. Shone Anstey, President of BIG has refused to give the name of the exchanges and the sums that were involved. From January, on six from the 11 hackers addresses, there have been transferred small amounts of NEM up to 10,000 coins. On the other 5 addresses, there were bigger amounts of cryptocurrency transferred, between 300,000 and 20 million unities.

Big has announced that they will be communicating the results of the researches to American and Canadian authorities.