Earn crypto by playing video games

This project is called Reward Mob and it is basically a loyalty mobile platform that uses the Blockchain technology. They have an app that is available to download now from AppStore and Google Play Store and it seems very promising for many investors now. There are different types of how can affect you as a user, there is the developer perspective and the advertisers one.

As a developer, you have the capacity of increasing Retention and Monetization and honestly, it is as simple as this: you start by installing the software in the game, whether that’s existing or brand new, you can pick your rewards the same as unlocking achievements on Xbox. If your game is existing, you can publish again the app with your update. They say that when partnering you can have increased session times for users and many other things.

From an advertising perspective, they have an 88% of open rate, which means that the fair returns you get in the game are opened. There is an average number of 22 fair returns a day and for any reward opened, there will be a 7 second ad.

From a player’s perspective, you get to earn money by only playing mobile games. You can earn rewards by playing, open them so you know what you earned and advance in the leaderboard.