Ethereum $400!

This week was an exceptional week for crypto-currencies, they not only reached higher critical values, but also stabilized there. This Thursday, Ethereum crossed $400 bar, and stabilized around $420.

Despite the China ban and Parity Wallet Hack, Ethereum came out stronger than ever, with a little dip around early November.

As everyone knows, all crypto-currencies follow a similar trend, which is usually initiated by the most popular crypto-currency (Bitcoin). The very same week, Bitcoin crossed $8000 mark for the first time, and has maintained the value, and is currently around $8250.

Ethereum despite being a new crypto-currency, has set its mark because of its many new innovations such as Application Contracts, and recently the first-ever regulated bond (coin-based).

This wasn’t the first time Ethereum crossed $400 mark, it reached around $407 in June 2017, but couldn’t maintain its price value.

Interestingly, when Ethereum dropped from $400 to around $280, a renowned analyst Ronnie Maos predicted Ethereum’s renewal of $400 mark, and his forecast did come true as his other many predictions for crypto-currencies.