Ethereum – a significant opponent for Bitcoin

Ethereum is becoming a significant opponent for Bitcoin after surpassing an important threshold.

The virtual coin Ethereum has lately been seen as a decent alternative for Bitcoin. Therefore, the price value of Ether is getting closer each day to the value of the most popular cryptocurrency. Still, it didn’t manage to pass Bitcoin Cash’s value that is at press time 2,789.41. Considering the market capitalization, it is currently standing on the third place, after Bitcoin and Ripple according to CoinMarketCap.

Virtual coins have become a very promoted subject this past year and the majority of the financial news were providing articles regarding this subject. In time, the coverage of the phenomenon has led to an increase in value for the currency that many people struggled to explain.

Lately, the value of the top cryptocurrencies has grown significantly and their number is expanding continuously. Because of their particular characteristic, ‘volatility’, it is a bit hard to advise somebody on which cryptocurrency to choose.

Ethereum has had an ascending  trend these past weeks and it just managed to pass the $1,000 value despite its gravitation near the price of  few hundreds of dollars.

Due to this recent growth, the total value of the Ethereum cryptocurrency is standing now at over 100 billions.

Meanwhile, there are few more cryptocurrencies having the market cap value of billions of dollars. After the past month it had fluctuations between 700-800, it finally succedeed in surpassing the 1,000 dollars milestone.