EU warns Facebook, Google and Twitter that they have to “do more” for the users

Vera Jourova, the European Commissioner for justice, consumers and gender equality, has urged on Thursday Facebook, Google and Twitter to revise the terms and conditions according to the EU legislation.

Jourova noted that the social media giants wrote a series of drafts which she considers to be insufficient to fully protect the users and, as she stated, “unacceptable”. The European Authority stated that Facebook, Google and Twitter have partially answered to the concerns regarding their responsibility and the way the users are informed about wiping out the content and erasing their accounts.

Jourova, who requested the terms and conditions revision, has the ability to impose sanctions in case these companies will not oblige. Bruxelles used the consumer protection legislation to forbid the online platforms to erase the content of the users without offering a clear explanation for such action and without offering the consumers the possibility to challenge the decision at hand.

The European Commission stated that Facebook needs to clarify the way a person can challenge content erasure, while Twitter needs to relinquish its right to the unlimited power to erase some posts without offering explanations.

The correction of the terms and conditions has been conveyed by the European Commission in March last year to the social media platforms in order to allow the users report fraudulent incidents, the users thus having the legitimate right in the EU to sue the companies, but not in the US.

Moreover, the European Commission urges Facebook, Google and Twitter to remove illegal content such as hate speeches or fake news to help over 250 millions europeans who make use of the social media.