Experts from Israel are warning about AMD Ryzen vulnerabilities

A group of experts from Israel, have recently warned about at least 13 vulnerabilities that AMD Ryzen processors have. With a website launched not long ago and interviews that seem staged, some security company specialists are describing more than 13 exploits that are targeting the AMD Ryzen processor. Each exploit has a very suggestive name after the model Meltdown/Spectre that have targeted processors manufactured by Intel.

Without denying or confirming the alarm signal that the specialists are rising, AMD has stated that they are investigating the issues to see if they really occur as the specialists said. According to a report done by the security lab, the AMD Ryzen and EPYC have more than 13 major security risks that could be exploited by hackers in the future, so that they install malware applications inside the users’ computer.

Other than the provided description, the security lab has also offered a detailed technical report with .exe code samples that will prove every exploit found. However, because the investigation is pretty difficult and the number of vulnerabilities is so big, it seems hard to believe that one company with such a great reputation has neglected such security issues.

Even though some are questioning if this security lab is legitimate and why these information have been made public without prior information, the problems signaled by the specialists must be taken into consideration. There is a small possibility that there have been a manufacturing error that has passed uncovered in the internal tests in order to validate the final design.