Fitbit announces Versa – smartwatch inspired by Pebble products

Fitbit has invested more in the past years to enforcen their offer regarding smartwatches by buying companies like Vector Watch or Pebble. The result of this seems to be Fitbit Versa, a new smartwatch that is focusing on users, more than the Iconic model did. The inspiration is obviously the Pebble design and it comes in a variety of nude colours for the case and the bracelet. At hardware level, Versa comes with a 1,34” display and a luminosity of 1,000 nits, which means it will break any frustrations of the customers that use the watch in the sun. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and the body is fully aluminium.

There will be two versions of the smartwatch : the normal one and a special edition whose difference will be made regarding the colour scheme. The normal Fitbit Versa version is already listed on the company’s website at the price of 200. The special edition will cost 230  and both can be configured with braccelets made of rubber, metal or textile material. Each type of smartwatch comes with two bracelets in the box, so that it ensured a confortable experience for all the users. Moreover, the menu buttons are fully customizable and Android users will benefit from Smart Replies feature.