Google is being urged to ban cryptocurrency ads

After the Facebook announcement regarding cryptocurrency ads banning, Canada authorities are urging Google company to do so.

As we announced before that Facebook is banning any sort of cryptocurrency ads content and it won’t allow any binary options and ICOs advertising, it seems like the movement has been determined by the FBI pressure towards Canadian regulations.

An inspector from Manitoba Securities Commission has said that they are content with Facebook’s decision and they hope that Google will do the same with binary solutions, ICOs and cryptocurrency.

Google hasn’t accepted this proposal, especially because it earns so much on the cryptocurrency industry’s back. The paid traffic with virtual coins is providing a big part of the income for Google.

A spokesperson for Google has stated that they are already forbidding the promotion of fake and misleading ads.

However, if we google cryptocurrency or binary options, the browsing engine will still list these commercials.

The inspector and his regulation organs is focusing especially on binary options that are considered to be an all or nothing game. He added that the good thing about virtual coins is that old binary options companies have now focused on the virtual currency area more.

They are currently waiting for Google’s response, after few binary options discussions have taken place.