Hackers have started to move stolen funds from Coincheck

The authors of the January 26 plunder, when 530 million dollars were stolen from the biggest Japanese exchange Coincheck, have started to move the NEM stolen coins to other addresses. The statement belongs to Jeff McDonald, vice-president of NEM Fund platform. Bitday has announced the theft back then when 523 million NEM coins have been stolen by hackers.

The statement was announced by Reuters, afterwards being retrieved by international news. The NEM Fund has tracked down that hackers started to move the funds to other addresses in transactions of 100 XEM each, approximately $83. NEM representatives are trying to locate the hackers position but they had no success yet.

Tom Robinson, CEO of Elliptic UK security company has declared that usually when this sort of hacking happens, the moving of the funds is pretty subtle and the hackers are using small amounts.

The hackers are trying to change the cryptocurrency in fiat money and the promoter NEM from Europe, Paul Rieger, has written an email on January 31 where he said that 11 transactions of 100 XEM each have taken place from a hacker account to some random accounts. There have been no selling or attempt to trade cryptocurrency on exchanges.

Coincheck has officially announced on January 26 that it was robbed by hackers and the only coin stolen was NEM. The total amount stolen was at half a billion dollars. The exchange has also ensured clients that they will try to refund the stolen funds.