High chances for Ethereum to surpass Bitcoin

Financial experts are advising traders not to buy or invest in Bitcoin for the moment, of course it will eventually have a correction, but for the moment nothing significant. It also wouldn’t surprise us if it would drop under the $9,000 value.

Ethereum, in comparison to Bitcoin, doesn’t seem to be as heavily affected. Actually, if we take a closer look, it isn’t as affected comparing it to the whole market. If you look on Top10 on Coinbase, Bitcoin and Litecoin are crashing massively. Ethereum is generally moving down, but in a much more sofisticated manner. Usually, if it drops for two days consecutively, it will increase for three or four.

It is interesting how Ethereum has this different presence in the cryptocurrency world, where nothing really applies to it. If it goes down, it always corrects itself, and we never see it fall at the same ratios the other coins are falling. Ethereum is like a bank at the moment, everytime you make a profit, you cash it into Ethereum.

We are seeing a pretty stable virtual coin right now, in this red market.

You can think of Ethereum as a linear perspective, or just investing in an altcoin to make some profit.

According to CoinMarketCap, Ethereum is now trading at $1,000 – $1,050 values, the market cap is still at 98 billion dollars, so it has to work a little bit to surpass that $1,100 milestone and maybe the throne won’t be held for long by Bitcoin.