High chances for EU to regulate Bitcoin

According to recent statements, there are high chances for European Union to regulate Bitcoin. EU is prepared to regulate cryptocurrencies if the risks from this field are not globally approached. Global investments fever for Bitcoin and other virtual coins has encountered massive leaps which led to increasing of certain fortunes and bankruptcy of others.

This globally spread phenomenon is important to be chased internationally. The possibility to regulate virtual coins is very high in Europe, because in spite of all the hate that virtual currency get from governments, it has to be considered the currency of the future. Meanwhile, the value of Bitcoin has grown considerably while it is gaining more and more supporters. Recently, people are talking about Bitcoin as an alternative to bank deposits.

Along with Bitcoin, there are other cryptocurrencies being launched every day, with different characteristics that suit certain people.

The number of companies that are launching cryptocurrencies have also multiplied, well-known names like Kodak, Telegram and many more.

The Vice-President for the Euro and Social Dialogue has spoken about Bitcoin regulations in Europe during a meeting with members of Central European Bank. The aim of the conference was to discuss financial issues from Europe along with the Financial Stability Counseil.