How soon will Bitcoin hit the $10.000 mark?

Since the crypto-currency came into existence, people can’t get over it. As more and more people are getting to know about it, the most they invest. This is the main reason for Bitcoin’s exponential growth and its price volatility, which is not taking the backseat any time soon.

If we consider the Bitcoin price from its very launch year (2009) it was absolute zero. It incremented for the first time in March 2010 with $0.003, which turned into $0.01 the following May. It reached $1 finally in April of 2011. In July 2011, the exponential growth started as its value at the time was $31. Though it dropped to $13 in December 2012. But gained value again in April 2013 and struck the figure $266. After falling for a few months, the price stabled and started gaining momentum. January 2014 was the first time when it crossed $1000 mark, and despite a few  falls, it has increased per second. From 2014-2016, the price fluctuated between $550 and $950 and once hit $200 in the May of 2015.

2017 is the best year in the history of Bitcoin. Starting from January ($800) to May ($2000), August ($4400). It dipped to $2900 in September because of the China ban, but emerged stronger more than ever and hit $5600 the very next month, reached $7000 in November. And at this very moment, it is at $8235. Quite some journey for a currency, and that too an epic one. One might find it unbelievable but the very simple reason for its success is the trust of people in it. More the people knowing and trusting Bitcoins, more are their transactions in denominations of Bitcoins, and people buy Bitcoins for investment purposes.

Looking at the data provided above, and following it’s unconventional trend, many experts predict it to reach $10.000 by March 2018, but looking at the recent data, one can easily confirm, it may reach the bar somewhere around New Year 2018. Now, that you know about this amazing and magical currency, trust and invest it in now!